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The Austerlitz Triptych: 2) Krettly's Victory

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Krettly’s Victory: The Russian Battery silenced.  The Chasseur Trumpeters, between 12 and 16 in all, rode as a group and it was this colourful and elite body that Krettly led to overpower the Russian guns.  In his historic painting, Patrice captures the sense of unstoppable force and fluid movement, which was the hallmark of Napoleonic Cavalry action.  The brilliantly attired Trumpeters crash into the now silent guns and defending gunners and so secure the French right wing.  In the distance, the main body of Chasseurs is seen sweeping up the hill where they are about to engage the Chevalier Guard.   

Each painting, approximately 16 x 22 inches, will be available only as a Giclee Canvas Art Print in an edition limited to 125 copies and will be issued with a numbered certificate of authenticity.