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Ship's Letter of Commerce, 1806

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Extremely rare ship's letter of Commerce.  The text translated commences: Napoleon, by Grace of God, Emperor of the French, King of Italy, to all who shall see these Presents, Greetings.  The ship called “N.D. de la Rose”, registered and domiciled at the Port Napoleon, constructed at Port Napoleon in 1806  ---------- registered as a French ship at the said port of its domicile the 19th of March, 1806, under No. 28, belonging to Joseph Novella et Cie, who are the proprietors, which is confirmed as prescribed by the law and acknowledged by ------------ clerk of the customhouse and charged with examination of the ship. 


Full details of the ship construction follow and the final paragraph requests all Sovereign States to allow free passage to the said vessel.  The document ends with the statement: The present certificate signed by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.


The Minister of Industry and Commerce, signed: Le Comte de Sufferin

(Extremely rare autograph)     


Mounted on conservation card, 13 x 20 inches, ready to frame: