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The Austerlitz Triptych: 1) The Coup de Grace

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Count Rapp, the Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde and Mameluks, deliver the Coup de Grace on the Pratzen Heights at Austerlitz, December 2nd, 1805.


Napoleon’s A.D.C. Count Rapp, leading the Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde and the Mameluks and supported by two squadrons of Horse Grenadiers, inflicted the Coup de Grace on the elite Russian cavalry on the Pratzen Heights on December 2nd, 1805.  Patrice knows of only two paintings of this event, one an illustration by Myrbach, and another by Lelipevre, in a private collection.  


This is the first of three paintings by Patrice of Napoleon's famous Victory at Austerlitz, each showing a key element in the Grand Charge which broke the Allied resistance and delivered the final victory to France.  The other two paintings in the Tryptich are: Krettly and the Chasseur Trumpeters and Force Majeure - the Mameluks Vindicated. 


Each print edition is limited to 125 copies only, accompanied by a signed and numbered letter of authenticty.  The giclee is 16 x 22 inches, prestretched on a wooden mount ready to frame.