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1e Empire Casque & Cuirasse de Carabinier, 1810 - 1815 - SOLD

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1e Empire Casque & Cuirasse de Troupe de Carabiniere, 1810-1815.  This rare and exceptional set has been professionally displayed by the present owner in the the USA and includes front and back armour and the matching brass helmet.  The two elite Carabiniere Regiments were first issued with armour in 1810 after the Battle of Wagram (1809) where they suffered very high losses in the numerous heavy cavalry charges alongside the Cuirassier regiments.  Complete Carabiniere sets of this kind are therefore exceedingly scarce as the two Regiments also suffered very heavy losses in the 1812 Russian Campaign.  There are several inspector and quartermaster stamps on the front and rear plates, including the the letters AP on both, XXVII on the inside front skirt, 255 on the left front edge, and 4C, 15, LC and 20 in the left shoulder area.  The interior lining and blue and white edge trim was replaced and the leather support straps and waist belt appear to be 19th century.  The armour saw heavy action in its lifetime and of note is the very clear imprint of a lance end or NCO's spontoon in the lower front area; other marks on both front and rear show the results of continuous use and action during active service.  The casque (helmet) is a fine example and we believe that the worn interior liner and leather inserts to the front visor and rear neck guard are original; the chenille and leather chin scale straps are 19/20th century replacements.  For further details see Rousselot, Armee Francaise, Planche #2, Carabiniers, 1810-1815.