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Hermann Goring

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HERMANN GORING, 1893-1946. German WWI ace who became head of the Luftwaffe and Hitler's successor until replaced by Admiral Doenitz as Berlin fell in 1945. Finally captured and tried at Nuremburg where he committed suicide the night before his execution. Fine B&W 4 x 5 3/4; inches three quarter length view in uniform with his baton, signed in dark blue ink at the bottom. Signature authenticated, contrast fair to good. Verso has at the top, the penned inscription Christmas 1941, together with the unit identification T. Kdo. Bourges, a Zt. Mondesir; and about 40 signatures of the Unit personnel below. This may be the air transport unit Luftdeinst-Teilkommando 1/12 stationed at the Luftwaffe air base at Mondesir. Goring may have visited the base or sent this image for signing. VG.