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The Austerlitz Triptych: 3) Force Majeure

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Force Majeure: The Mameluks in the Vineyard.  On the left, the Proebrajenski Guard defended in a vineyard, thought to be a fine choice for defense against cavalry.  Perhaps so, but insufficient when facing the fearsome Mameluk horsemen of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard.  Outfitted in spectacular oriental costume this ‘Force Majeure’, led by Lt. Renno, swept aside the lines of the Russian defenders who, within a few minutes, fled in total disarray from the field.  Patrice captures the moment of impact as the two sides met in action on a bright December morning.  Austerlitz was the second battle on European soil (the first was at Nuremburg) in which the Mameluks fought and it was here that they established their great reputation as warriors.  They captured two Russian Standards, and at least three were awarded the Legion d’Honneur after the battle. 


Each painting, approximately 16 x 22 inches, will be available only as a Giclee Canvas Art Print in an edition limited to 125 copies.  Each Giclee canvas will be issued with a numbered certificate of authenticity.