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Lancer Series: Somosierra - Birth of the Legend

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Somosierra - The Birth of the Legend.  On November 30th 1808, in the heat of the midday sun, Napoleon’s Polish Light Horse achieved the impossible at the pass of Somosierra, the final barrier before Madrid.  The cost was grievous but not a man flinched in the face of superior numbers and the grape of belching cannons.  Patrice has brought to life the moment of victory with General Montbrun in the lead and behind him, Colonel Kosietulski at the head of 150 troopers.  Before he fell, pierced by eleven wounds, the Colonel and his men had demolished three of the Spanish batteries.  Lieutenant Niegolewski following his Colonel with the last troop captured the fourth and final cannon.  A few minutes later Napoleon, kneeling beside the wounded Niegolewski, took off his own Legion d’Honneur and pinned it on his breast. The Legend was born!!!    Available only in an edition of 35 numbered Giclee Canvas Prints.