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Lancer Series: Revenge at Rheims, 1814

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The Lancers Revenge – The Defeat of Cossack Marauders near Rheims in 1814.  Napoleon’s 1814 campaign was one of the most brilliant of his career as the outnumbered French continually surprised and overcame the superior forces of the Prussian and Allied armies.  March and counter march resulted in defeat in detail of the separated columns, preventing their union before an advance on Paris.  During the march to recapture Rheims, Count Vincent Septicki at the head of his squadron of 3rd Scout Lancers seized the opportunity to attack and destroy a party of Cossacks outside the City.  Now the tables were turned, the Cossacks had met their match and those that survived were swept from the field with the Scout Lancers in full pursuit.   Later that day of March 13th, 1814, these same lancers under the leadership of the Count, captured an entire Prussian infantry battalion. The Legend lived on…!   Available only in an edition of 35 numbered Giclee Canvas prints