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Chennault's Flying Tigers.

Price:   $ 625.00
Chennault’s Flying Tigers. In early 1941, months before Pearl Harbour, 100 volunteer pilots fought the Empire of Japan in the skies above Burma and Indo China. They were Chenault’s ‘Flying Tigers. In six months of combat, 50 to 60 P-40 Tomahawk fighters destroyed 300 Japanese aircraft with another 300 as probable. This print commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the first combat, signed by seven Aces of the original command, Col. Tex Hill, Sq. Ldr. Bob Neale, Flt Ldr. Dick Rossi, Flt. Ldr. Erik Shilling, Col. Robt. T. Smith, Col. Charles Older and Col. Ed Rector. Robert Taylor Aviation Prints range in size from 24 x 36 inches up to 24 x 40 inches. He signed all his prints, together with one or more WWII Aces, endorsements which add significant value and guarantee an important place in aviation art. All prints are in MINT condition, stored flat, and complete with original COA unless otherwise noted.