Monarch Crimea

  • 13th Lt Dragoon Troopers

    13th Lt Dragoon Troopers

    13th Lt. Dragoons.  Three troopers mounted on trotting brown horses with sabers drawn and ready.  Uniforms are similar to the Officer but the shakos h...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 17th Lancer Officer

    17th Lancer Officer

    Officer, 17th Lancers.  Mounted on a black horse with sword pointing forward.  The uniform is blue with red collar and turn backs, white trouser strip...
    Price:  $ 40.00
  • 17th Lancer Troopers

    17th Lancer Troopers

    17th Lancers.  The three lancers mounted on brown horses carry lances with red above white, swallow tailed, pennons. The uniforms are similar to the Office...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 4th DG Officer

    4th DG Officer

    Officer, 4th Dragoon Guards.  Mounted on a black horse at full gallop with sword pointed �at charge�.  The uniform is red with blue and gold collar, b...
    Price:  $ 40.00
  • 4th DG Troopers

    4th DG Troopers

    4th Dragoon Guards.   Three troopers mounted on brown horses with swords held at �ready�.  Uniforms are the same as the Officer.   ...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 4th Lt Dragoon Officer

    4th Lt Dragoon Officer

    Officer, 4th Lt. Dragoons.  He is mounted on a dark brown horse wearing a dark blue uniform, the jacket with red collar, cuffs and turnbacks, the trousers ...
    Price:  $ 40.00
  • 4th Lt Dragoon Troopers

    4th Lt Dragoon Troopers

    4th Lt. Dragoons.   Three dragoons are on dark brown trotting horses, their uniforms similar to the Officer; the shakos have yellow cords.  ...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 5th DG Officer

    5th DG Officer

    Officer, 5th Dragoon Guards.   Mounted on a brown horse at gallop with sword pointed �at charge�.  The uniform is red with green and gold collar,...
    Price:  $ 40.00
  • 5th DG Troopers -

    5th DG Troopers -

    5th Dragoon Guards.  Three troopers mounted, with swords drawn and blue canteens, have similar uniforms to the Officer above.  Brown horses are trotti...
    Price:  $ 75.00
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