George Grasse Collection

  • 17th Lancer in Crimea, 1854

    17th Lancer in Crimea, 1854

    Trooper 17th Lancers, 1854. Standing in campaign uniform with the lance (with red above white pennon) resting on his shoulder. Capska and uniform details can ...
    Price:  $ 125.00
  • 1855, Spahis Officer

    1855, Spahis Officer

    Spahis Officer, 1855.  Standing, with hand resting on a walking stick, holding a map.  His short, dark blue jacket with red cuffs has silver lace knot...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 1860, Chasseurs d'Afrique

    1860, Chasseurs d'Afrique

    Officer, Chasseurs d’Afrique, 1860.  Standing in knee length light blue coat with yellow collar and cuffs and baggy red trousers, his sword drawn and hand ...
    Price:  $ 95.00
  • 1861, Chasseurs d'Afrique

    1861, Chasseurs d'Afrique

    Chevalier, Chasseurs d’Afrique, 1861.  The light blue uniform is similar to the officer above but the short jacket reaches only to his waist.  A percu...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 1866, de Gallifat in Mexico

    1866, de Gallifat in Mexico

    De Gallifet of France, in Mexico, 1866.  A rare and unusual figure, the only one we have ever seen of this personality.  He stands with a walking stic...
    Price:  $ 110.00
  • 1870, Eclaireurs a Cheval

    1870, Eclaireurs a Cheval

    Officer, Eclaireurs a Cheval, 1870.  Standing in grey high collared, long winter overcoat with three gold rank stripes on each arm, one hand in his pocket....
    Price:  $ 85.00
  • 1880, Spahis Trooper

    1880, Spahis Trooper

    Spahis Trooper, 1880.  An exotic figure, standing in a red blue and white burnoose and ankle length cloak with white lining, open at the front.  Under...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 1890, French Zouave

    1890, French Zouave

    Zouave, France, c.1890.  Standing with one foot on a rock, rifle at the ready.  Typically of this period, he carries a backpack, large cooking pots, p...
    Price:  $ 75.00
  • 1899, French Marine

    1899, French Marine

    French Marine Infantry, c.1899.  Standing with his foot on a rock, his rifle resting on his knee, hand on hip.  His plain dark blue jacket has red ser...
    Price:  $ 75.00
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