54mm Stadden Napoleonic Era

  • 13e Regt Chasseur 1810

    13e Regt Chasseur 1810

    Chasseur of the Line, 13e Regiment, c.1810.  He wears the green chasseur uniform with orange collar, cuffs, turn backs and trouser stripes. His hair is pla...
    Price:  $ 95.00
  • 47th Foot, 1757

    47th Foot, 1757

    Private, 47th Foot, 1757.  Standing with feet apart, looking down as he cocks his musket.  His red coat has yellow collar and cuffs, white cross belts...
    Price:  $ 95.00
  • 4e Hussar c.1810

    4e Hussar c.1810

    4th Regiment of French Hussars.  Standing with musket, dark blue dolman and trousers and red pelisse edged with black fur, all with yellow trim and reverse...
    Price:  $ 115.00
  • 4e Hussar, 1800

    4e Hussar, 1800

    French 4e Hussar, c.1800.  Green dolman with red collar and cuffs and white trim  and brown trousers lined in black.  He has a peaked black Mirlt...
    Price:  $ 125.00
  • 9e Hussars Standard Bearer

    9e Hussars Standard Bearer

    Standard Bearer of the French 9th Regiment of Hussars.  An early Stadden Studio painting, c.1960.  Uniform of red dolman and light blue pelisse over l...
    Price:  $ 115.00
  • British Bandsman 1812

    British Bandsman 1812

    British Bandsman, 1812.  Standing with an early version of the bass tuba.  Red jacket with collar, cuffs, wings and facings all fully finished with go...
    Price:  $ 115.00
  • British Grenadier 1757

    British Grenadier 1757

    British Grenadier, 1757.  A fine early Studio painting, the face with a porcelain quality to it.  The long red coat has a green collar and facing...
    Price:  $ 95.00
  • British Infantry Officer, 1810

    British Infantry Officer, 1810

    British Infantry Officer.  A charming early Stadden painting, he stands with his hands clasped in front of him, in short red jacket with yellow collar, cuf...
    Price:  $ 95.00
  • British Officer, 1812

    British Officer, 1812

    British Light Infantry Officer, 1812.  Standing with his arm behind his back, left hand on sword hilt.  Silver gorget, epaulettes and decoration to hi...
    Price:  $ 95.00
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